How to choose your size

How to choose the size of your Sengo Shears?

As for optimal comfort and performance it is essential to find the right size. It is not only about maximizing your performance but also to avoid accidents and injuries. If not fitted correctly, wrong shears will fatigue your wrist, hand and elbow and. Unsuitable shears might also reflect to the end result of the haircut.

The best shears for you are the ones that fit and meet your needs. To find the right size please, measure the length of your middle finger.


58-65 mm -> size 5.0

65-73 mm -> size 5.5

73-83 mm -> size 6.0

83-88 mm -> size 6.5

Before your purchase decision we recommend you to take your current shears in your hand and check the fit to make sure that you are ordering the right size.

Give also a thought on your needs. Think about the small details that you are used to and how important they are to you.

  • Do you prefer to point cut and/or slide cut?
  • Do you need shears with extra power to cut larger sections?
  • What are your expectations as for the performance?